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Welcome to the Heaux Cake Bakery! 

A playground for you to swap Heaux Cake recipes & be 100% free. 

Hey Heaux Cakes!

I've been weaning myself from social media since May 2020. I feel as though I cannot express my craft and creative freedom fully on these outlets and because of this, I have found myself holding back on social media as far as my art goes. With the current trends of censorship on social media coupled with my determination to create authentically & filter free, I decided to create my very own platform on my website for my heaux cakes.


I wanted to curate an all-inclusive membership that gave me 100% freedom to interact with you all and give you the real content without the need to hold back due to apprehension of flagging or heaux ass trolls who have nothing else better to do than to be miserable on social media. In kind, I also wanted my heaux cakes to feel comfortable with expressing themselves and fully retaining the information without distractions from trolls, Pick Mes on Duty, and Niggas waiting on Tyrone to come on and help them get their shit. 

In this all-inclusive space, I wanted to provide a one-stop shop for all things sensual, sexual, and body positivity. Most importantly, I wanted it to be spoken in our language. Bringing my extensive educational background, hedonistic experiences, humor, creative gifts, and passion for Passion; I curated The Heaux Cake Bakery.


Putting together a team of dope fellow sister writers, I curated an intimately unique membership package. Welcome to both women and men (who understand that this is a women's centered space), my main focal point is to bring you heaux shit, laughs, entertainment, education, encouragement, and community under one roof. Most importantly, I promise to bring you all the quality, thought provoking, and useful content that a.Nichole Inc. brands are known for. I hope you've brought protection (wink).

Join our Heaux Cake Bakery today. We look forward to adding you as an ingredient to our Heaux Cake recipe.



Founder & CEO of The Hedonist Playground

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