August 3-10, 2021

An all inclusive unlimited fun and pleasure mash up of all of the things you've heard about with island girl a.Nichole as your guide.

*An actual photo taken on the beaches of Hedonism*

A Delicious Fusion of the Best of Both Worlds...

At The Hedonist Playground, we believe in curating spaces specifically designed for women that encourages the exploration of the pursuit of pleasure under a judgement free umbrella. We provide the tools and space needed to disappear into an experience of ascending sexually and intimately in a woman centered environment.  At The Hedonist Playground, we believe in having mischievous fun while educating women on how to take full autonomy over their sexual experiences, tricks/gifts, and of course: their orgasms.

With this being said, we have curated an all-inclusive trip for women (and the guests they decide to bring with them) that combines the island party scene that Jamaica is known for with the infamous Dream Weekend 2021 alongside unlimited access to the mischievous erotic side that makes people flock in droves to experience at the one-of-a-kind all inclusive paradise: Hedonism II Resort. From the moment you step off your plane, we will have an all-inclusive "action-Packed" (wink!) itinerary for you that is guaranteed fun, frills, and spills! All you need to bring is spending money and book your ticket. 

Enjoy 8 days and 7 nights in the tropical pleasure paradise: Hedonism II resort in beautiful Negril, Jamaica. Roundtrip airport transfers are also included so we've got you covered from when you literally exit the airport! During the days and evenings of August 5th-9th, enjoy all-inclusive VIP access to the infamous Dream Week five day festival where everyday boasts a new party theme for you to rock out and do heaux shit at! Dream Weekend is Jamaica’s #1 and most anticipated music festival held on the white sand beaches of Negril, Jamaica, for 5 days of back-to-back parties with popular high-energy genres of music, performances from local and international artists, inclusive of world-class liquor and food, with a level of production that makes the event a one of a kind experience! Your VIP Dream Weekend package is also inclusive of transportation shuttle to and from parties, dranks, and food. But wait, we're not done yet! Also included in your package is a Bar Crawl ice breaker where we will hit all of the local watering holes and dance spots in Negril on the first evening. But what's a Hedonist Playground event without a daring and sexy lingerie party? Yes, you heard us! Also enjoy a private lingerie and sexy pajama party for just our group at Hedonism that will also be inclusive of some of the best adult erotic performers that Jamaica has to offer! Now let's talk treats! Also included in your Hedo-Dream 2021 package is a set of yoni eggs (because we believe in self-love and yoni care) , waist beads, and a very special "Welcome to Jamaica" herbal roll up (wink wink bew!)

Grab your favorite partner in crime or just your partner and come on down for all of the party and festivities!

Let's Discuss The Infamous  Hedonism & Dream Week...

What The Fawk Is Dream Weekend?

It is a highly anticipated summer music festival produced by Dream Entertainment Limited and considered to be the Caribbean’s largest party experience. At this music festival, you will be entertained by live performances by artistes and DJs. The genre of Dancehall is at the forefront of all events while including elements of popular music genres such as pop, house, hip hop, rap, and soca. No two editions of Dream Weekend are alike, which is what keeps patrons coming back each year because they are guaranteed a good time. The world comes to Dream Weekend expanding the population of Negril, Jamaica. For 5 days, experience Dream Weekend along the scenic Seven Mile Beach on Norman Manley Boulevard. The essence of the beach town of Negril remains, while being infused with the Dream Weekend experience from August 5th to 9th, 2021. Dream Weekend is an experience that only happens once a year.


Next year promises to be like no other Dream Weekend you have ever experienced before as they are Larger than Life! this Dream Weekend will be the biggest and best so far! Only the hottest most relevant and trending acts are booked by Dream Entertainment Limited. You cannot afford to miss it! You have been put on notice bew! The attendees include people who have a love for dancehall music and Jamaica. These include patrons from every part of the world. All patrons embrace the amazing energy the island of Jamaica infuses into Dream Weekend. The unique element of Dream Weekend is that every day is a new theme and no two days will be alike! We will release a tentative event line up once released from promoter.

What The Fawk is This Hedonism Resort I keep Hearing About?

We're so glad you asked! Let's get to the real meat and potatoes of this trip, shall we?! 

Expect a personal paradise where you can explore and enjoy all your hedonistic desires. A place that feels like a second home complete with a friendly, helpful staff that’s ready to assist you as you discover all the sensual pleasures Hedonism II has to offer.

As Master of your own domain, you are free to be as mild or as wild as you wish. Indulge in all the allure life has to offer. Tantalize all your senses from the scent of a crisp ocean breeze to the taste of a favorite top-shelf cocktail. Indulge in the decadence of gourmet meals crafted by award-winning chefs. Feel the pillow-soft sand beneath your toes, the brilliant sun as it envelops and warms you with its glow and take in the panoramic vistas of Jamaica’s world-renowned 7-Mile Beach that edges our newly renovated resort.

Hedonism II has garnered numerous awards for its cuisine, and no other all-inclusive resort in Jamaica can compare to the number of premium brands served here. Their world-class dining includes several open bars, three specialty-cuisine restaurants, beach side grills and a buffet-style dining terrace. Hedonism II is the world’s most iconic adult playground. It’s a place where people from all over the world come to live out their fantasies in a sensually charged environment. Whether you want to slow down for some R&R at the spa or pick up the pace with some games and entertainment, our countless amenities like volleyball, scuba diving, snorkeling and tennis will keep you having fun whether you’re in the water or on land. Hedonism II is a lifestyle-friendly, clothing-optional beach resort where you can do pretty much what you want when you want. The dining areas require clothing, but, if you want to take it all off on the beach or pool areas, go for it. If you prefer a little cover up, that’s absolutely fine, too.  At the end of the day, life’s too short to wait for pleasures. Get those deep kisses, amazing experiences and midnight swims, or hot, lustful encounters while you can. Memories of all of it will bring a twinkle to your eye and have everyone guessing about where you went on vacation.

*Please be advised that we also have rooms available on the clothing mandatory side so if you just want to get your feet with the experience, this is totally fine!

The Romping Shop: to dare or not to dare....

Yes, the rumors are true. Hedonism II has a playroom. It’s called the Romping Shop. It is an environment purely designed for pleasure and play, a place for you to experience your deepest desires in a decadent, exotic setting. Imagine soft lighting, white flowing drapery, soft fluffy pillows on beds surrounded by waterfalls – perfect for stargazing through the open rooftop. It’s an intimate atmosphere, sultry, sexy and beautiful. You came come alone and join a party, or you and your partner can start a party. Either way, The Romping Shop is never a bad idea...

a.Nichole posted up at Hedonism II waiting on you at the doe'!

So Let's Recap this one of a kind all-inclusive getaway..

So what all is included again?

  • Lodging: Enjoy an 8 days & 7 nights all inclusive hotel stay at 4.5 star All-Inclusive Resort Hedonism II in a Garden Nude or Garden Prude  room (based on your choice) that includes unlimited meals, unlimited alcoholic beverages, a beach at your footprints, motor sports, activities, irie music, access to the infamous "Romping Shop", nightly adult entertainment, and heaux shit experiences that we cannot disclose here ! Rate is based on double occupancy or Triple Occupancy Where notated.

  • Round trip airport transfers to and from Hedonism Resort and Montego Bay Jamaica - Sangster International Airport (MBJ

  • City Lights of Negril: bar hop Ice Breaker on opening night where we will bar hop from water holes and local clubs where the locals will show you how to get down for the crown! This includes bus Transportation. Guests will be responsible for bringing their own spending money for off resort dranks and thangs.

  • Dream Week VIP All-Inclusive Pass: 

  1. Drinks are included in all events (All general section drink offerings + additional VIP options)

  2. Gourmet Food included in 7 of 9 events

  3. Designated area/lounge with option to go between VIP and general area

  4. Designated lines at events

  5.  Shuttle service included for all events 

  6. Airport arrival/clearance service (Based on Availability)

  7. Designated VIP lines for ticket redemption

  8. Unlimited entrance/exit to and from all events

  • Private Nikkie's Playhouse Sexy Pajama & Lingerie mixer with adult entertainment at Hedonism II resort: Enjoy a steamy mixer with a.Nichole as your host equipped with unlimited premium alcohol, Games, & exotic dancers.

  • Welcome to Jamrock Herbal Roll Up: Self-explanatory. Nikkie won't bring you to her home and not take care of your first one ;) You will also be afforded an opportunity to secure your own stash while enjoying yourself in beautiful Jamaica.

  • Yoni Eggs or Cock Ring (for kings): Each sister guest will receive a set of yoni eggs and set of instructions to utilize. Male guests will each receive a cock ring. 

  • Waist beads or Cowrie shell bracelet (for kings): Each sister guest will receive her own waist beads to set off those popping event outfits or even accentuate your figure as you frolick around with as little clothes as you wish.

  • Special "Heaux bag": Enjoy a delicious erotic kit of must haves for your trip to start you off right! Featuring treats from our sponsors and a few more essentials ;)

a.Nichole in Garden View Nude Room at Hedonism rocking her waistbeads.

Total Cost Of Trip:

$3250 (PP)* Double Occupancy Garden View(Prude side)

$2800 (PP)* Triple Occupancy Garden View (Prude Side)

$3400 (PP)* Double Occupancy Garden View (nude Side)

$2900 (PP)*  Triple Occupancy Garden View (Nude Side)

(Quadruple Occupancy available upon request) 

*Price is Per Person & Inclusive of $450 Non-Refundable Security Deposit*


Is Airfare Included?

Package does not include airfare which is the responsibility of participant.

Which airport will I fly into?

Montego Bay Jamaica - Sangster International Airport (MBJ)

Are my meals covered?

Enjoy an all inclusive hotel stay that includes unlimited meals, unlimited alcoholic beverages, a beach at your footprints, motorsports, activities, and irie music! Meals off site and away from the resort will not be covered.

Do you provide childcare?

No guest under the age of 21 are allowed on this trip. Please prepare childcare prior to the trip.

Is my deposit deductible from the total retreat fee?


Will there be downtime at the retreat?

The retreat has a schedule that does allow individual self-care and free time.

How much spending money should I bring?

We recommend bringing $350+ for excursions you wish to enjoy in your free time plus additional spending money.

Is the retreat refundable?

This trip is both non-refundable and non-transferable. However, we recommend purchasing Trip Cancellation Insurance which we can assist with obtaining upon request. 

When is the full payment due?

Trip payment in full is due no later than July 15, 2021.

Do You Have A Flexible Payment Option?

Yes! Please see below flexible payment schedule:

  • Early Bird Deposit Due 2/1/2021

  • 1st Payment Installment Due: 3/15/2021

  • 2nd Payment Installment Due: 4/15/2021

  • 3rd Payment Installment Due: 5/15/2021

  • 4th Payment Installment Due:  6/15/2021

  • Fifth Payment Installment Due: 7/15/2021

All Payments can be made on event page

Where do I make my payment?

Click on our events page, scroll down to the event listed "Hedo-Dream Getaway 2021" and click "Register" from there you can secure your deposit or make your payment in full.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, you will be required to have a VALID US Passport to travel. We are not responsible for anyone who doesn't have a passport. You will NOT be allowed to gain entry into Jamaica without it.

Will I be allowed to leave the trip early for any circumstances?

Yes, you're allowed to leave the trip early for any circumstance. However, your airfare, travel and accommodations will be your sole responsibility. We will not issue any credit for early departure nor a refund. Please prepare for your trip in advance. We cannot foresee any emergency situations although they do occur. Please note you will be responsible for any emergency that arises on or during the trip.

What is your late payment policy?

Installment payments made after the due dates will result in a one time courtesy late fee of $50.00 for up to 7 days after missed payment due date. Outstanding payments that are still not met a week after payment due dates will result in automatic trip slot cancellation and forfeiture of all monies paid. Any subsequent missed payments moving forward will be subject to automatic trip cancellation and forfeitures of all monies paid. No exceptions. We have deadlines to meet with various vendors of this trip who have their own policies and as such, we cannot be lenient with our payment policy. 

Will I be staying a room by myself?

Rooms based on Double Occupancy and triple occupancy based on package you selected with deposit. Please inquire about quadruple occupancy quotes. Additional Fees for Single Occupancy Rooms.

Are men allowed on this trip?

Yes! Men are allowed to attend but must remain mindful that this is a women's centered playground event and must adhere to code of conduct and respect of autonomy to all ladies in our party and on the resort and off the resort.

Do I have to have to provide my own roommate to attend?

No. Double occupancy guests will be paired with other sister attendees unless a preference is mentioned for another sister attending. Brother guests must provide their own roommate, be pre-approved to room with a sister already registered for this trip, or elect single occupancy. Triple Occupancy and Quadruple Occupancy must inquire with us and will be afforded the opportunity to list all in their party.

Is there a Consent/Behavior Blurb?

Absolutely. We at The Hedonist Playground are dedicated to providing safe spaces for women to explore themselves sexually and freely. With this being said, harassment, coercion, unsolicited advances and any other behavior that impedes a positive autonomous experience for women will not be tolerated. We would like to emphasize that this is a woman-centered community where the safety, integrity, and autonomy of women are of utmost importance to us. Please be respectful and mindful of boundaries while on this trip, Disrespect and encroachment of boundaries will not be tolerated.

What about my Privacy?

The Hedonist Playground believes in the beauty of anonymity, unfiltered freedom, and guilt-free fun. As such, all participants attending Hedo-Dream Jamaica getaway 2021 will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect all parties attending by ensuring confidentiality. Due to the nature of this event and our dedication to providing confidentiality and unbridled freedom to our sisters guests. NDAs will be sent out within 48 hours of receipt of security deposit via email. NDAs must be reviewed, E-signed, and returned within 7 days of receipt. NDAs that are not E-signed and returned within 7 days of receipt will be automatically cancelled and monies forfeited. This is non-negotiable.

How Does The Payment Process Work?

Please visit our events page and secure your security deposit. After security deposit is secured and NDA is returned within 7 days of receipt, guests may begin satisfying installment payments based on aforementioned due dates. Guests also have the option of paying in full. For individuals who are seeking PAYMENT INSTALLATION PLANS UTILIZING THE DUE DATES LISTED, personalized invoices will be sent out to reflect triple and quadruple occupancy rates and conditions. They will also have to adhere to the same trip due date and installment dates as listed.

trip must be paid in full no later than july 15, 2021 to avoid slot cancellation and automatic forfeiture of all monies paid. NO EXCEPTIONS,

*Guest Attendees must be 21+


****This is a women's centered playground targeted exclusively for African-American men and women only. Safety, security, and judgement free environments are what we are dedicated to providing our sisters and brothers. Judgement, bullying, unsolicited advancements, harassments, and any other unsafe behaviors will be not be tolerated. You will be asked told (not asked) to leave if this is observed.


****The Hedonist Playground is not liable for any injuries or illnesses sustained while at event. Consult with your physician before attending.


*****No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.


***Above is a tentative agenda of activities. We reserve the right to delete or replace activities etc based on weather, availability, or any other non disclosed reason and replacing them with a comparable entity.  We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone and we are not responsible for injuries or illnesses. Please consult with your doctor before participating.

We look forward to meeting you and doing hood rat shit with you!

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