The Hedonist Playground

A pleasure seeking playground for women where femininity, indulgence, sensuality, & liberating escapades know no limit...

Our Founding Principles

Ensuring Top of the Line Hedonistic Experiences that Curate Liberation, Excitement, & Guilt Free Pleasure

At The Hedonist Playground, we believe in curating spaces specifically designed for women that encourages the exploration of the pursuit of pleasure under a judgement free umbrella. We provide the tools and space needed to disappear into an experience of ascending sexually and intimately in a woman centered environment.  At The Hedonist Playground, we believe in having mischievous fun while educating women on how to take full autonomy over their sexual experiences, tricks/gifts, and of course: their orgasms.


Our team of professionals and trained specialists recognize the importance of quality, confidentiality, extraordinary experiences, and the privilege of freedom. We are dedicated to providing one of a kind experiences to women and their partners that encourage sexual autonomy and liberation. 

"Demand your orgasm at every turn. Turn  every encounter into your personal erotic playground. Seek your pleasure principles and indulge yourself. After all,  it's your time too..."


Behind Every Bold Hedonist Is A Coach Pushing Her To Her Highest Vibration...

Confidence Coaching & Vixen Consulting

At The Hedonist Playground, we offer the highest quality body positivity, confidence, and mood setting consulting that promotes sexual autonomy in women. Feeling sexually backed up, frustrated, or do you need confidence coaching to really step into the hedonist you are? Need tips, ideas, and consulting? Maybe you need to push through past traumas so that you can fiercely step into your hedonistic spirit. For any road you're on, we've got you covered with our coaching sessions. a.Nichole is also available for mood setting and space curating consultations. Schedule yours today!

Confidence Coaching Sessions

Struggling with your self-image and sexual prowess? Need that extra pick me up to remind you that you are and have always been "that bish"? Are you having trouble navigating through past sexual traumas or blockages that are stifling you from really stepping into who you are? Do you want to have a judgment-free. no holds barred intimate one-on-one session with another sister who not only understands where you're coming from but also wants to assist you with getting to where you need to be. Schedule your session today.

Mood Setting & Space Curating Consulting

Wanting to amp it up a notch in your escapades and need assistance with setting the  mood that encompasses your fantasy? Will you also need coaching to amp you  up and get you  ready to step inside this new scene? Need assistance with curating an intimate space? Secure your consulting services us!

"A woman's sexuality and pursuit of pleasure is hers and hers alone. It doesn't belong to anyone else and it shouldn't be policed by anyone else. It's time to reclaim our shit and remove it from back pockets of society. It is time that women allow themselves to indulge in all of their hedonistic of shame, judgement, and bullshit 'taboo' rules that stifle women from living their best fucking lives.


Yes, all pun intended."

a.Nichole, Founder & CEO of The Hedonist Playground

Who Is a.Nichole?

Curator & CEO of The Hedonist Playground

Fearless. Bold. Against the grain. Free Spirited & innovative. The founder and CEO of The Hedonist Playground is also a writer, public figure, philanthropist, motivational speaker, podcaster, behavior scientist, and Forensic Psychology PhD Candidate. A lover of all things art, wild, and outside the box;a.Nichole believes in sisterhood and encouraging women to  step into their true selves. She loves curating women centered events where women have full freedom and autonomy that is free of judgement. Understanding the unwritten societal taboo laws that surround women and asserting their sexual prowess, a.Nichole is dedicated to curating spaces that bring fun,  education, freedom, and hedonistic playgrounds to women.


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